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Meet Tyra,
The Architect of Awesome Learning Experiences of Village Tree Learning Community!

Hey there, incredible Village Tree families and community! Ever wonder who crafts those magical, mind-growing adventures your young ones rave about? Meet Tyra, our in-house Architect of Awesome Learning Experiences! 

Teacher smiling at a student

Why Tyra Rocks!

This isn't just a curriculum director; this is the sage of syllabi, the guru of growth, and the maestro who ensures that "learning" and "fun" are basically besties. With a heart full of care and a head full of brilliant ideas, her gift to us all? We call it 'LearnJoy'! 

Our Class Communities


Our students lead the way with their own projects, mixed with teacher-led fun, personal one-on-one time, and cool group activities. It's all about growing their confidence, awareness, and independence. Every day's a new adventure in learning!

Our Seedlings Community 

Seedlings' first year is jam-packed with amazing milestones! Each day in our community, they're working super hard to stretch their little minds and bodies, exploring every nook and cranny of the world around them. They're not just learning about stuff – they're learning about themselves, others, and the environment they're growing in.

6 Weeks - 17 Month

Our Sprouts Community 

18 Months - 35 Months

Sprouts are little detectives, always on the move and super curious about everything! They're not just learning to walk; they're stepping into a whole world of independence. Every day is a new adventure for these tiny explorers, and they're just itching to learn new things and hit some seriously cool milestones.

Our Buds Community 

Our Buds are on an epic learning adventure, filled to the brim with investigating, experimenting, and discovering all sorts of cool stuff! It's not just any old learning; we're talking about super fun and meaningful experiences that set them up for a lifetime of success, both in school and beyond.

3 Years - 6 Years

Our Architect believes that each young mind is a garden, eager for seeds of knowledge and light of discovery. From engaging story times to hands-on science experiments, her learning modules are like little voyages of discovery!

Teacher and student sorting


Our educators are superstars, tailoring learning to each student's style. They're cooking up a storm, rocking out with music, drama, dance, and art, getting their hands dirty in gardening, and exploring the great outdoors. Plus, they're tech wizards, bringing the latest gadgets right into the classroom.

Our Curriculum

Student Painting

Our Sense of Awareness curriculum uplifts our students naturally, blending physical, emotional, and social growth through understanding of Self, Others, and Environment:

  • Self

  • Others

  • Environment

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Sowing Literacy Icon
Discovering Figures Icon
Inquiring Minds Icon
Creative Expression Icon

If you ever wanted to meet someone who can turn a lesson plan into an epic tale or a math problem into a treasure hunt, that’s Tyra for you—always making education a journey worth embarking upon!

Teacher Feeding a Infant

Our Way

Our community blossoms together, sharing interests and goals, all while discovering and nurturing new ones, guided by our students' own adventures in thematic learning.


Parents and teachers team up to create custom plans for our students, updating them as we go to make sure everything's just right for each student and their family.

Student smelling flowers
Child eating watermelon

Student-Led Learning

Student-Led Learning is all about choice – whether it's counting with number blocks, watering plants, or painting masterpieces. It lets our teachers tune into each student's interests, see how they tackle activities, and spot when they're ready to dive deeper into their curiosity with awesome thematic lessons. Let the adventures begin!

Thematic Learning

Thematic lessons are where the magic happens – they're crafted around special themes, letting our teachers weave in tons of learning opportunities from our curriculum, all centered on one exciting topic. It's learning, supercharged!

10 little fingers, 10 little toes, creating endless moments, as each one naturally glows! - Village Tree

Next time you're at Village Tree, don't hesitate to drop by their creative den—also known as the Curriculum Office. But be warned: their enthusiasm for molding young minds is so infectious, you might just wish you were back in grade school yourself! 

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