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Ah, the magic of Village Tree doesn't just happen—it's woven together by the hearts and hands of every single person in our community. From our teachers who are wizards at making learning come alive, to our caretakers who wrap each day in warmth, and yes, to our culinary maestro who turns meals into mini-adventures—everyone here has an essential part to play. Let’s see how our Nutritionist plays a vital role in our community.


Meet Our Nutritionist,
Our Culinary Maestro of Village Tree Learning Community!

Hey there, wonderful Village Tree families and friends! Ever wondered who the genius behind those yummy, tummy-hugging meals your kids can't stop talking about is? Meet our resident Culinary Maestro! 

Why Our Nutritionist Rocks!

They're the guru of good grub, the sultan of snacks, and the magician who turns veggies into "more please!" With a heart full of love and a mind packed with nutritional wisdom, they've got a superpower—we call it 'NourishSense'! 

VT's Positions

Got the passion? We've got the tools! Dive into your love for early learning as a key member of a community that thrives on exploration, learning, and evolving from past to present knowledge and practices. With our committed Leadership Team, we collaborate daily to foster a safe, healthy, and engaging environment. Village Tree is a haven for everyone to cherish and grow. Embrace the Village Way with us. Join the Village Tree family. Apply now!

Our Maestro believes that every young learner deserves the best fuel for their active little bodies and ever-curious minds. From whimsical whole-grain waffles to enchanting fruit kabobs, their meals are an epic adventure for the taste buds!

What sets our nutritionist apart is their holistic approach to nutrition. They're passionate about teaching our kids how the rainbow on their plate affects the rainbow in their life. Yep, that means we're talking about balanced moods, boosted immune systems, and vibrant energy levels!

Community Lead

Full Time


Full Time

Assistant Teacher Position

Full Time

Teacher Aide Position




Your role at Village Tree is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of our students. You'll be instrumental in implementing our developmentally appropriate curriculum, aligning your efforts with Village Tree's guidelines and quality standards. Every day, you'll live out our mission, culture, goals, promises, philosophies, and policies.


Building and maintaining positive relationships with families, students, and team members is key. You'll play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and supervision of our students, fulfilling essential health and safety responsibilities. We pride ourselves on celebrating and valuing the unique abilities and backgrounds of all children and adults in our community.


As a mandated reporter, you're expected to adhere to state agency guidelines, reporting any suspected cases of abuse and neglect immediately to the appropriate agency and informing the principal. Your contribution is vital in creating a supportive and thriving environment at Village Tree.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 8.47.30 PM.png

Ever seen someone use a celery stick as a magic wand? Or teach the life cycle of a butterfly through the journey of a humble bean sprout? That's our nutritionist's for you—always making learning fun and delicious!


Next time you're around, feel free to pop into the kitchen and meet the legend in the flesh. But beware, their passion for wholesome, tasty food is seriously contagious—you might just catch the "healthy-happy" bug!

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