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Meet Tamika,
The Visionary Creator of Village Tree Learning Community!

Hey there, cherished Village Tree families and lifelong friends! Ever pondered on the origin of all this magic? The cozy spaces, the nurturing atmosphere, and the soul-soothing sense of community? Meet Tamika, the visionary soul who breathed life into our beloved Village Tree! 

Principal Holding a Baby

Why Tamika Rocks!

Tamika isn't just the owner; she is the dream weaver, the foundation layer, and the heart that pumps love and wisdom into every corner of our community. With boundless vision and an indomitable spirit of innovation, Tamika is the embodiment of what we lovingly call 'Village Wisdom'! 

Our Village

Driven by a lifelong passion for holistic child development, Tamika envisioned a sanctuary where each young learner could grow roots and spread wings. She saw not just a childcare center, but a vibrant learning community that would make every family feel like part of a bigger, loving village.

Principal Hugging Two Student's

Our Commitment

Village is Tree is a learning community dedicated to developing a sense of mastery within our students and our students’ chosen village.


We partner to nurture an authentic love of knowledge and connection within one's self, community, and environment through foundational rooting.


Student Focused on nature in a jar

What sets Tamika apart is her unshakeable belief that every child deserves a loving village to grow up in. Her commitment to this vision goes beyond physical spaces—it's about nurturing souls, celebrating diversity, and fostering a collective sense of joy and belonging.

Principal Holding a Student


We're crafting a sustainable future that nourishes the success of our childcare centers and enriches the all-around growth of our students and their communities. Think of it as weaving a tapestry of care and progress, where every thread counts!

Spa Basket

Our Motivation


Thanks to the Emilia Reggio approach, we weave project-based learning into our curriculum, blossoming in nontraditional learning environments.

Reggio Theory


As we gear our students for life beyond Village Tree, we embrace the academic-based approach of HighScope, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the next stage of their educational journey.



We owe a nod to Waldorf for highlighting the importance of play-based learning. This approach gifts our students with abundant time and space for joyful, creative play and imagination, fostering caring environments that nurture the senses, a hallmark visible throughout Village Tree.

Waldorf Theory


We firmly embrace the concept of child-centered communities, where teachers serve as a resource, stepping in when needed. Our approach, encompassing visual, auditory, kinesthetic (through touch), and verbal learning opportunities, ensures that all our students are equipped to learn in diverse ways.

Montessori Theory

If you've ever wondered who pairs the wisdom of elders with the energy of youth or who turns ordinary moments into lifelong memories, that's Tamika for you. She is the kind of visionary who sees not just what is, but what could be.

Student and Principal Exploring a bug

Our Promise








  • Health Checks

  • Daily Meals

  • Daily Routine Sanitation

  • Hygiene Etiquette


  • Nurturing Certified Faculty/Contracted Educators

  • CPR & First Aid Certified

  • Standalone Brick and Mortar Building in a Secure Location

  • Playground for Each Community

Health & Safety

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The next time you stroll into Village Tree, take a moment to meet the legend behind it all. But fair warning: her passion for creating a loving community is irresistibly catching—you might just find yourself dreaming bigger and loving deeper!

Principal feeding infant

Meet the Leadership Team

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