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Our Approach to Learning and Growing

M-F: 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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We believe that every young learner deserves the best fuel for their active little bodies and ever-curious minds. From whimsical whole-grain waffles to enchanting fruit kabobs, their meals are an epic adventure for the taste buds!

Our Community Connections...

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smiling teacher

I am having an awesome experience with Village Tree. 10/10 I highly recommend! The staff is great and the center has everything my children need for a healthy learning environment. My children wake up in the morning and they are excited to go to school!!

-BreAnna Harris

Parent Experience

Village Tree has exceeded my expectations on all levels. Starting towards the end of July till now has been nothing less than great. I love the Positive Environment and how the staff work together as a team to assure nothing but greatness for the kids.
Love it here and you will too.

-Team Member

Team Member

Our Flex Rooms

A child born into the world is presented with endless opportunities and new discoveries every day. -Tyra Burks

Children Playing
Ms. Tamika Christian

Director/Principal: Tamika Christian

Experience: Started in the education field in 2007

Bachelors Science: Educational Psychology

Masters: Early Childhood Education

What is your key to our villagers’ success:

Having dedicated over 15 years to the field of education, engaging with students from infancy to grade school, I recognized the opportune moment to establish a learning community. Our vision is centered around acknowledging, embracing, and fostering partnerships with our diverse population—both students and their communities. Through these collaborations, our students will cultivate a strong foundation in understanding self, relating to others, and connecting with their environment.

Village is Tree is a learning community dedicated to developing a sense of mastery within our students and our students’ chosen village.


Our Classroom Communities

Our Curriculum

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Sowing Literacy Icon
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Village Tree’s curriculum empowers our students to become confident, successful, lifelong learners while feeling secure. Our techniques provide a framework to support each student’s developmental area.

Science Activity
Science Activity
Science Activity

Step into our soft natural tones, open areas for play, and cozy corners for quiet time. Each classroom is a mini-village designed to nurture the whole child—mind, body, and spirit.

Our Class Communities

6 Weeks - 17 Months

Seedling Community Icon
Infant Laying on the floor


18 Months - 35 Months

Sprouts Community Icon
Toddler engaging with insects


3 Years - 6 Years

Budding Community Icon
Student's Engaging Together


Smiling Infant
Happy children
Student with a yellow flower
Student focused
Child holding a leaf
Children Hugging
Children running
Student expressing emotions
Children Hugging
Children working together
Student focus
Happy babies
Student focused on a bug
Student playing with insects
Student focus on a bug
child ringing a bell
Child building blocks
Student engaging in water play

We are a more than just a daycare, childcare, and preschool. We are a learning community...

Holistic Approach through Student Led + HighScope + Play Based

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