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Budding Preschool (3 years - 4 years):

In our Budding Preschool, imagination and creativity are in full bloom. Here, preschoolers make significant strides in learning and social skills. Our curriculum is crafted to spark their creativity, enhance their problem-solving abilities, and prepare them for the next steps in their learning journey.

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Budding Preschoolers

3 Years - 4 Years

Preschool Classroom

PK (4 - 6 years old):


Our PK group is where young learners begin to shine their brightest. As they prepare for the next big step in their educational journey, our community focuses on building confidence, academic readiness, and social skills. It's a time for growing, learning, and preparing to take on the world with enthusiasm and joy.

Budding PK

4 Years - 6 Years

Pre-K Classroom

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